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    Similar to a Reverse Osmosis system under your sink, Pool Water Purification© is a High Pressure Multiple Membrane Filtration system that removes TDS, Calcium Hardness, CYA and
    all remaining impurities in the pool water. This system processes the water in your customers’ pool and there is no need to drain
    their pools.

    Pool Water Purification© designs healthy pool water, manages and conserves it. All the while it is cleaning your customer's pool tile and the pool's interior surface.

    Are looking for a business opportunity?
    You have found it here.

    Pool Water Purification is a system that has
    been utilized in several states with
    fantastic results.

    Our completely mobile, self-contained
    processing trailers are now available in
    three specific gallons per minute (GPM)
    sizes tailored to residential or
    commercially rated pools.

    Click on the photo icons to the right
    and see more details.

    Our High Pressure Multiple Membrane Filtration
    unit prices start at $125,000.00 up to
    $250,000.00 for higher GPM systems.

    Click here to complete an
    information inquiry form
    or call 928.230.8393

    Financing is available through
    TA Equipment Finance Inc. (Click Here)

    Only $2,299.00 down and $1,974.00 per month!
    (Includes first payment and doc. fees)

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    We accept Visa and Mastercard. Lathrop Pool accepts Visa and Mastercard.
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